Jüted Signs, man

If you've gotten this far in the Pict Mission, You'll have prolly figured out I have a thing for signs. Especially BAD signs. This time around we have signs that for the most part, are ready to retire.

209 collection

The 209 collection: An off-font specimen at the US 6 junction in Port Jervis; Followed by the right font, but who drew that US Shield? half a block away. Been meaning to get a snap of that for a year, and lucky for me, the sign replacement crew is on coffee break. The last one is almost California Stylee, except that's not a plate on top of a rectangular blank. It's all one sign. That's on a town road in Sullivan County-Herlings Road, for those who are interested.

Bad Sines at NY 17a-Ny 17 jn

Now are these signs on some disused section of road somewhere? No, these happy specimens stand at an active road junction-At NY 17 and 17A east, which is a weird junction anyway. I mean, you CAN make out the sign legend, but why should any DOT with an ounce of pride in it's work let these scrapyard denizens stand?

What Route are We to Be Taking?

Junction 105 Sign With Sign rot

A couple of oldies from junction 105 on NY 17. The first on SB NY 42 approaching NY 17 is starting to display sign rot in the reflective backing(see below), the arrows are too small, and what highway are you on, anyway? There's no indication at this part of the junction. Replacement signs are usually no better-when this sign is replaced(at the time this snap was taken, new bases were set up for a replacement sign), it will still have an all-text legend. Would it be too much trouble to slap a couple of shields on the new one? For NYSDOT, I guess so.

This next one is a sign on the NY 17 Mainline eastbound. The sign's not too bad, though the joins need a pop rivet or two, and a button is missing in "Monticello". The NY 42 shield has what I call "sign rot" where the surface of the sign starts to peel off the backing.


Bad sign Collection

A few old/nonstandard signs. The left sign is at "Exit" 98. I think it needs replaced. No.2 is MTA doing things it's own way, not a bad sign per se, but they could've used a standard MUTCD symbol-and the font is Helvetica(ick). No.3 is a Port Jervis Village sign. Villages do what they like as far as signage-As we've seen in Ellenville and West Haverstraw, and now here. And lastly, a more advanced case of sign rot and age on a ramp advisory sign.

Bad Clip art Version

Here's a nasty little monstrosity. Orange County is not known for using the standard pentagon-Using the diamond signs shown on my earlier pages, for the most part. Apparently, the diamonds are on the way out, to be replaced by *gag* these. Orange County DPW is responsible for this travesty-it dates from 4-2001 I know of at least 7 of these nasties. I haven't a clue how they came up with this, since Dutchess County seems to be able to field a standard pentagon. It looks like bargain bin clip art.

Ih 84 Sign for Exit 7 EB

Exit 8 Sign-Same loaction-IH 84 East

And I've saved the Best? for last. The Thruway Authority is responsible for these two specimens.  I believe these used to live on the NY 300 overcrossing or near it, say on a gantry. The NY 300 bridge was redone, and these two signs were deprived of a home. They've been hanging out in the verge on eastbound IH 84 past the NY 300 southbound to IH 84 eastbound slip road. They're on skids cobbled from old signposts, and they tend to move now and again. and no, these are NOT temporary signs. They've been this way for a long time.

NY 17 Snaps. OooooH!

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