NY 17

Oh Golly gosh-Shots taken along NY 17, What a surprise!


Bipping® westbound on my pilgrimage to EXIT 98-Just about there, too, as you can see from the sign.

Eastbound NY 17 between JN 109 and110
Now eastbound just east of junction 109-the dashed double lines indicate a crawler lane. The faded extra lines on the road are from the bridge replacement at jn 109.

Sands Road Overcrossing
Almost thought this was California here, then, eh?(yeah, right!) Here's the Sands Road overcrossing at former exit 118A.The exit's gone, but we now have this spiffen nearly CA style bridge-The only one I know of in the area.

Sands Road Overcrosssing
Detail of the center piers and guardrailing. I like how the piers twist, at ground level they're parallel with the mainline of 17, at top, with the line of the bridge. I've seen this before-in a magazine discussing South Australia highways. NYSDOT can do this a lot more, because this is a very attractive looking bridge.

NY 17 Near Middletown
NY 211 JN on NY 17 East
Still eastbound coming into Middletown.

Looking WB to Exit 123
Looking westbound toward jn 123.

17a Junction Map

JN NY 17A-South Leg
Gantry on the non-freeway section of NY 17 south of Harriman for the NY 17A Junction. As the map shows, it's kinda jüted. There's signals at all ramp termini, so everybody gets a fair shot to go where they want to. Unless you're a pedestrian or bicyclist(like .....Tim Brown!), in which case the motorists get all bent out of shape that you have the audacity to even be there-never mind taking pictures. Guess they were all sleeping while mommers was giving lessons in manners.


$ lane 17 in Orange County
And a shot of the 4-lane heading northbound to Harriman away from the above snap. I was bipping® along in the Blue Poologue so everyone was happy and snappy.

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