Pict Mission 17a

North End of NY 17a in Goshen at NY 17

NY 17A runs from Goshen to NY 17 south of Harriman via Florida, Warwick and Greenwood Lake. Here's the northern end at junction 124 on NY 17. The picture looking up the NY 17 Freeway was taken about 500' from here.

NY 17A and NY 94 North of Walden

A pretty representative shot of NY 17A north of Warwick. This is between Florida and Warwick and is the section concurrent with NY 94.

NY 17 A in Bellville

Now heading east out of Warwick toward Greenwood Lake.

Jersy Style Mast arm on NY 17a

A nearly Jersey-style mast arm light at the site of the NY Renaissance Festival-It's set to flash, since nobody's around. When there's activity, the red light can be activated by pedestrians crossing the road. The speed limit in this area is 30 MPH.

Ny 17a Near Greenwood lake

Going downhill, headed into Greenwood Lake. This is past the hairpin bend you see on the map.

Dual Carriageway section of NY 17A near NY 17

The last few miles of 17A are, inexplicably, high quality dual carriageway. I saw this on a map, and had to have a look for myself.

NY 17A looking away from NY 17-looking west

A wistful look back at NY 17A....

Eastern end of Hwy 17A

...Because we've come to the eastern end of 17A at the old 4 lane section of NY 17-Just ahead are a jüted junction, and many bad road signs, including a mutant OC sine, shown on the "Sines that bip" page

As an extra-I also nipped down to the Jersey Line on NY 94.
There aren't enough snaps to justify a page, so I thought I'd include them here.

Signs at the NJ line

A gaggle of signs you could find at the NJ line, the  good old circle route marker :P  
Notice the Guv's name on the "wipers and lights" sign-now this snap was taken on 27th April 2002: Christie had been busy jüting  the environment from DC for  better than a year....
Then you have a distance sign that has a decidedly dark color to it-I didn't retouch that.
NJ's 94th Infantry sign is a bit more colorful than NY's-which is  a plain small green sign-I like that stylized "94".
Then you have the treasure of the lot:
A NJSHD(NOT  D.O.T.) "Control Section" marker hiding in the weeds.  Click it for a full size version.
And last, but certainly not least, a reminder from the State of NY that they will Jüte  you, given the chance.

NY 94 East of the NY State Line
NJ 94 turning south past the NY state line

Up top-NY 94 Looking into NY, and on the bottom, NJ 94 looking into NJ. NJ 94 was just resealed at the time this snap was taken.


Onto SW Mass!

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