NY 295Yamamoto!

The End of NY 295 west

The western end of NY 295 at NY 66 in Chatham. A nice set of STOP signs at an intersection with a really acute angle. Not one of my favorites. That railway that's crossing NY 66(to your right) doesn't get much use at all. In the right panel is an assembly for the NY 66-NY 295 junction-Since there's no END sign, I thought I'd include that . Plus it has a slight mistake on it. If you follow NY 66, you're not going to get to the Taconic anytime soon. NY 66 niether crosses or goes anywhere near the Taconic in either direction. Now if there were an extra sign at the NY 203 jn down the road, this would make more sense, but there's not.....

Taconic over Alessi Road

The Taconic overcrossing  at Rock City Road-about a mile south of the IH 90 "B2" junction, and a mile west of NY 295. This is, in reality, an exit from the Berkshire Spur to NY 295. There is no prohibition for commercial traffic at this entry. There are no ramps to or from the south.

The End of the Taconic State Pkwy(official)

The "END" of the Taconic. Actually it ends about a half mile north of this point. The yellow signs in the distance are the warnings for the toll plaza. This is for all intents and purposes, a freeway-and it stays that way all the way south to the NY 203 junction.

Looking at the Berksire Spur east from NY 295
Looking West at the Berkshire Spur

Two views of the Berkshire Spur, The first looking east, the second looking west from the NY 295 overcrossing. The bridge in the west shot is a railway overpass-for the same railway that's in Chatham.

A shot of NY 295

Just bipping down NY 295 in this shot.

Looking into NY on NY 295
Looking into Mass on Mass 295

Again two views from the same spot-Looking west and then east at the NY/MA state line on hwy 295.

Signs at the NY/MA state line on 295

Signs at the State line. The first two are two sides of the same sign. These are rather large signs. You have no doubt when you cross a town line in Mass, that's for sure. Then we have a "Project Clean" sign. If the verge is yuckies, you jump right on yer smell-phone and chat up MassHighway about it, and they'll send out a chain gang borrowed from Sherriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Co, AZ, and set it right straightaway.The last is obviously a bit of bargain hunting on the part of MassHighway-they were poking around in the seconds(or thirds) bin for the WELCOME sign. Pretty pathetic IMHO. Couldn't they at least stick a minuteman or a pilgrim hat on it? Maybe a cranberry or something.

Amber Cat's Eye

This is what I call a cat's eye-or at least the version that you'll see around this area. Snow-plows go over the metal bits, and they don't get jüted and scraped off the road, as the CA stylee ones would-tho CA stylee cat's eyes are used in road works projects. Actual service life of these depends on color. Amber ones last 3-5 years, you might get 2-3 years out of a white one.  Although the metal frame keeps snowplows from scraping them away, if you run over them enough, they squish like a bug. This one lives on Mass 295 just inside the state line. You can get up close and personal w/it by clicking the image.

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